Internationaal brand

International brand registration

At IDS EU, we understand the global ambitions of your brand. Our international trademark services are designed to protect your brand name, logo or slogan on an international level. We provide comprehensive support to ensure that your brand is consistently and legally recognized in various countries around the world.

International legal advice

Our legal experts offer sound advice for registering and protecting your trademark internationally. Whether you want to expand your current brand globally or launch a new brand, we offer strategic insight to legally safeguard your brand.

Global registration

We guide you through the complex process of international trademark registration. From filing applications to dealing with the different requirements of various jurisdictions, we ensure that your trademark is recognized and protected worldwide.

Adaptation to local requirements

Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding trademark registration. We adapt our approach to meet the specific requirements of each country so that your brand is in compliance with local standards.

Register your brand name internationally

IDS EU is your trusted partner for international trademark protection. We understand the complexities of international trademark registration and strive to consistently protect your brand no matter where in the world your operations are located.

Expand your brand to new horizons today with international trademark protection by IDS EU and give your global ambitions the legal support they deserve.